Day 1 – Part 2 (Oracle PaaS Community Forum)… ACRONYMS, ACRONYMS & MORE ACRONYMS!!!!

As promised in my earlier blog post, I’m back!!! … I’ll try and keep this short and sweet as it is past 1am here in Budapest, however, I am keen to share my experiences with you from this afternoon and this evening (or should I say, yesterday afternoon/evening?).

I was actually a bit nervous going to the conference venue. I knew that there would be almost 200 people there, and without a doubt, all would be experts in their field and have pre-built relationships with one another… and then there was lonely me! In reality, thisย IS what happened, apart from the fact that everyone was so willing to welcome me into their community! It really was a great feeling to get chatting and networking with all of these Oracle PaaS experts.

Before I go on, I must highlight the word (if I didn’t already do it enough in my blog post title ๐Ÿ™‚ )…ACRONYMS!!! Wow, there were a lot – I knew the meaning of many of them but I’m pretty sure I could have written a full dictionary!

The afternoon kicked off with a short welcome and introduction from Jurgen Kress (The conference chair!). He explained how the afternoon will be filled with presentations from a number of Oracle ACE members (AKA… Oracle gurus). We had 7 presentations this afternoon, each covering a variety of topics where my personal favorites were as follows (in no particular order):

The Jarvis Pizzeria Startup –ย (Richared Olrichs, Marc Kuijpers & Marcel Van de Glind).

Imagine this… Ordering a pizza using Oracle cloud capability. …Ok, don’t imagine it, this is really here! A group of 3 guys (I didn’t get chance to meet today) who were bored of traditional Oracle implementations of HCM (Human Capital Management), Finance, etc decided it was a great idea to start up a pizzeria and leverage Oracle technologies to make it work – I AGREE! Fantastic!

They explained a structured theory, whereby traditional technologies may make use of the the same route for a delivery driver to get from point A to point B without any input or consideration for what is actually happening on that route. However, they also explained an unstructured theory, whereby cloud technologies are capable of making decisions based on the input the process or activity is receiving from external sources. For example, if there is a traffic Jam ahead, use an alternative route, or likewise, for some roadworks perhaps? That is what these guys are doing (with a few references to IronMan 2 and “Jarvis” thrown in there ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Oracle API Platform & Microservices Case Study at a UK Retailer (Capgemini’s very own, Luis Weir & Phil Wilkins)

I was relatively familiar with the content that Luis & Phil would present in this space, however, I was still blown away with the complexity and architectural mastermind that has gone into this positive customer story. Luis & Phil described the multi-channel, modern application utilizing Oracle JET for the user interface (UI), Oracle API Platform for exposing & securing & managing APIs, ACCS & MySQLCS for the service layer, OIC for horizontal integration (also utilizing Taleo), Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) for Single-Sign-On (SSO) via OAuth 2.0 and a SAML bridge to SailPoint.

WOW! – Now that is what I’m talking about, fully fledged integration between a number of products to deliver a great experience to our clients! … Now, I’m not saying that I know what all of that means but it is certainly the first step to write this down here in such a way I’ve convinced myself what I’m talking about!

Luis & Phil also covered of some of their key hints and tips to watch out for in the integration of these technologies – Noted for if ever I need them ๐Ÿ™‚ย  – Ask me if you want to know, I’m all for engaging about these blog posts and creating positive conversation as a result.

Chatbots Best Practices and Design Patterns (Ruben Rodriguez & Capgemini NL’s Soham Dasgupta)

Ruben and Soham (who I had the opportunity to catch up with after this afternoon’s sessions for dinner) delivered a great presentation on their implementations of chatbots. They explained how they were able to implement this technology to enable consumers to request information, or, book an appointment without even having to speak to anyone in a number of languages!

Instead, a text “conversation” with a robot that can respond and arrange any requests that you may have. This really is the future…. we are living in a world of people that are less frequently picking up the phone and having a conversation with another person, ordering a taxi or our dinner straight from a mobile application, etc.

The most interesting part of this session, however, was when NOT to use a chatbot. It is really important not to overstep the mark with technologies. Most technically minded people could force any technology to do anything they want it to, but, in doing so, they would not conform with the purpose of the technology itself –ย  We should use each technology for the advantages that they provide.

Watch out for their book that is due to be published soon (Professional Oracle Mobile)!


…Ok, they were my top 3, but I did certainly take an interest to the Blockchain session that was delivered by Robert van Molken. A very interesting concept and presentation with lots of detail (far greater than I can go into right now!).

After the sessions had concluded, we had the opportunity to do some brief networking and head out for dinner and a few drinks with my fellow Capgemini Colleagues and some new faces that I met at the conference! Overall, a great day, now time for some rest before tomorrow begins!


Thank you for reading, and stay tuned to hear more about my journey to the cloud.

Amy xo


2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Part 2 (Oracle PaaS Community Forum)… ACRONYMS, ACRONYMS & MORE ACRONYMS!!!!

  1. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for your clear and honest report of your first day at the event. It was very nice to meet you. And after hearing tonight about your blog I decided ti give it a read. And it is delivering on your promise: an open report on your findings and discoveries, about learning about new stuff and meeting people and learning from them as well. I look forward to the follow up on your travel reporting. (for a non natural writer โ€“ as you declare yourself โ€“ you write very well!)

    Keep up the good work.



    1. Lucas – Thank you for your kind words and it was lovely to meet you too! I must catch up on the post I missed yesterday, perhaps I will do a combined day 2 & day 3 if time is short.



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